SERROPLAST manufactures nets , cloths and accessories for covering vineyards and not only.

It produces various protective items such as : shading nets, the antihail ones, windbreak, nets for the housebuilding, for swimming pools ' covering , nets anti-bugs, cloths for covering grape and cherries, accessories for the installation of the vineyards.

It was born twenty years ago and although it is a small a company is still today a leader in Europe and overseas.

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MAGEL S.R.L. _ VAT 03699740720
Via del Commercio, N.C. - 70018 Rutigliano (Bari) Puglia _ Phone +39 080 4771526 _ Fax. +39 080 4771279 _ 70018 Rutigliano (Bari) _ Italy _ eMail: info@serroplast.it

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